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Rite Of Christian Initiation

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Rite of Christian Initiation

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

A. What is it?

    R.C.I.A - This is the norm of Christian Initiation in the church.

B. Why was it re-introduced?

    It was reintroduced to revive the rich ancient liturgical heritage of
the church.

c. How does it differ from infant Baptism?

    Infant Baptism can be done anything during the year while adult
initiation is done at Earth. The elect are baptised, confirmed & celebrate their
first communication. The rite of baptism includes a special litany, the blessing
of water, baptism, a white garment, and the presentation of a candle lit from
the Pascal candle.

d. Why is it usually celebrated at Easter?

    It is usually celebrated at Easter because the phase of the process of
initiation concludes at the Easter Vigil liturgy.

e. Why are the rituals in this form of the Sacrament?

    These rites all point to the early church's practice. This is a joyous
ritual in the church's life for both the new Christians and the entire community....



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